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Go from beach bum to total babe in carefree and whimsical ZAFUL boho dresses! Bohemian style dresses have taken our hearts by storm with their endearing loose fits and nature-loving designs. When going boho, almost all the rules go out the window. The style is meant to be personalized! However if you'd like to ask the experts how to dress bohemian, you've come to the right place. See our style guide below!

The defining details of boho-wear are found in the patterns and fits; everything exudes a lackadaisical feel. While individual pieces can be pronounced boho at one glance, an entire outfit can't be called so unless the accessories play-up the boho feel. Start out your collection with a short boho dress or two. A boho midi dress, like a lo-hi style, can be worn with chunky ankle boots and a flower crown. A boho mini dress could be accessorized with a belt, kimono, and chunky necklace. Become one with the sand belts in a bohemian beach dress, which can be accessorized nicely with a long crochet cover up. A bohemian wrap dress is another good style to be worn with ankle boots and rope bracelets.

However, the longer and more flowy the dress, the more bohemian you will become. When it comes to the bohemian maxi dress, the more simple the design, the better it will serve as a base for many outfits. If you like the bohemian look but you don't like to over-accessorize, you can get a more complete style with fewer pieces by wearing a long sleeve boho maxi dress. The added sleeve length will balance-out the lack of accessorizing. Wear the boho maxi dress with sleeves with some lightweight tie up sandals for a good look. These styles can get along in a closet with plus size bohemian dresses, as they are comfortable for curvacious bodies. Find the perfect fit in our collection of plus size bohemian maxi dresses. If more coverage isn't your thing, forego the long sleeve boho dress and instead consider the off the shoulder boho dress.

While boho style is most known for colorful looks, it can also be taken down a notch in neutral tones. White is an especially good hue as a white bohemian dress can be paired with pinks for an ultra-soft look. A white lace boho dress worn with a lace choker is especially doll-like. A lace boho dress is a good staple to start with. The bohemian lace dress is designed to not be too formal or bridal-looking, but rather have a baby doll, childish type fit. The black boho dress is another good look if worn correctly. Wear your black bohemian dress with complementary boots, statement accessories, and flower crowns.

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